Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What I follow and what I don't

Today I had chance to write an email to one very good person who is not afraid to think and act in different way. His question was:

"How hard was it to make the important decisions that brought you to places inside and outside yourself where you have never been before? How much insecurity and doubt did strike you before, during and after such a decision? And which factors lead to everything turning out well in the end?"

My answer was pretty much about following:
  • Don't follow the crowds. Crowds are stupid and ignorant, even if there is majority of them.
  • Don't follow simple solutions. Simplicity often cuts the way to larger paybacks and larger picture.
  • Follow smart people, people smarter and better (in something at least) than you.
  • Act and speak in such a way that others would eventually start to follow you (in something at least).
  • Follow your dream(-s). If you don't have one, make an effort to work on its creation.
  • More than anything else - follow your heart. If you believe you are ultimately a good person, your heart must be good advisor to you too.
I like to take the risk. A calculated risk, to be sure. Because if this risk is sustained with a confident belief and power of focusing, there is nothing unachievable, I believe. There are always doubts and reasons to say "no". In any case. But problems and personal miseries allow you to develop your empathy towards hundreds of millions of people who are suffering similar challenges.

One day it pays off.

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