Monday, September 18, 2006

I have fun!

How many of us are using alarm clock to wake up? I guess, quite a vast majority...

What is our first thought, when we hear the sound of alarm? Something like "Oh, not again...", "Please, some few more minutes...", "Why do I have this lecture today so early?", "Right now I hate my boss even more...".

But how many of us think something like "All right! One more day full of challenges and new learning experiences!"?

There is no statistics about it, I guess. Anyway, I belong to the second group (with some days being exceptions, of course) :)

You must have fun. In whatever you do. That's so obvious.

However, recently I have had talks with several people of the same age (some of them my former class-mates, some of them former university-mates). We were talking about who is doing what etc.

Many of them have quite stable job, some of them have apartment, they attend sports or dances trainings in the evenings. They are O.K. But I have not noticed that they would mention having fun.

And that's why I have egocentrically used this information to boost my ego. Because I realized once more that I am damn happy, because I have so much fun! Constantly.

I admit, there is a lot of problems in my life, like in everyone's life. But hey, am I sleeping in the street, am I suffering from disease, am I so poor that I don't have money to have proper food, am I threatened to be killed because of civil war?! No, I am bloody not!

My AIESEC work and my Euroopa Noored work, my friends and my family, my readings and my thoughts, my Estonia and my world - there is so many possibilities to have fun everywhere!

Only thing needed for it - you have to find the right people to do it with.

One example is my AIESEC MC team. We know how to have fun. And that's what I love about my team. Estonian delegation rocked on IC (International Congress of AIESEC in Poland in the end of August). For example, guys were dressed like big Spounge Bobs and girls like Cat-Women on one party :)

I am the one on very left :)

IC was great experience. One of the best things was to see old friends, of course. My dear Split people - Andrijana, Irma and Vice - they woke me up at 3 am to say hello and drink something with me. I woke up and was really happy to see them again even so late :)

And I saw some great AIESEC people from LC TU Berlin - Lars, Seba and others - who accompanied me during my internship there. I have not seen them for exactly one year!

Not to menton my other friends and colleagues from all around the world, who I had chance to speak, dance and laugh with. That was a good fun ;)

Have fun!