Friday, November 12, 2010

Visiting the fjords area in the Western Norway

Almost exactly one month ago I had an incredible luck to visit a fantastic area of the fjords in the Western Norway. That is the region where my friend Sveinung comes from - who was kind enough to invite me and Sergio, the common friend of ours to visit his home area.

Only now I sat down to write a little bit about it and put out a few pictures from this trip.

We spent there just three days. Very intensive days these were!

Day 1: Sailing in the fjord

Day 2: Wind-surfing in the ocean
(the first time in my life I was surfing - I almost manage to stand up on the board) :)

Day 3: Climbing a mountain next to the bay where we had surfed the day before

I must admit that I enjoyed climbing the most - I love mountains, I love hiking atop of them.

And, once again, I realized how incredibly beautiful is the nature of Norway.