Monday, February 23, 2009

Reisid Vabadusse - my start-up enterprise

Several months of preparation, discussions, meetings, negotiations, learning and planning... And here we are - Viljo, Marko and me - started our first company.

We aim to offer travelling to the destinations and to be hosted by people that would otherwise be hard to find. Authenticity, beautiful nature, interaction with local culture are the keywords. No hotels, no restaurants, no excursions with the big buses.

In the first year, we offer travel packages for Estonian market to Croatia and to Kazakhstan - the countries I have lived and I have friends and partners in. Both are the countries with amazing nature and with very hospitable people.

Three of us met and worked in AIESEC. Marko and Viljo are both dedicated, entrepreneurial, daring and hard-working people - I couldn't imagine better partners to start a project with.

If the enterprise will be successful during the next six months, we will enlarge the pool of destinations and variety of choices.

Reisid Vabadusse means something like "Travel into a Freedom" in Estonian.

Campaign has started. It is now possible to pursue own way to freedom.
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