Friday, September 11, 2009

Working at CyberWatcher

Although my main purpose of coming to Norway was and still is studying, I am happy to say that the second main output of my activities here is my work at CyberWatcher.

I have a good working atmosphere - relaxed working style, yet concrete and down-to-earth tasks and expectations.

I have great colleagues too - smart, easy-going and very collaborative (I love Scandinavian working culture!).

Last but not least, I have very interesting working tasks. Being responsible for the market of Central and Eastern Europe, I am running sales and marketing campaign with companies in the fields of media monitoring, media intelligence and market research. As I believe in our products and I see the real value coming from them for other companies, it's really fun to do this job. Especially taking into account the geographical scope of my activities - so far, I have been in constant communication with companies from Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Estonia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Czech Republic and Slovakia. Will be adding more to this list. :)

It's great to learn in practice advanced ways of doing sales - no matter how good product or service one has, it must find its customers. Moreover, it's great to learn in practice what does it mean - to constantly deliver a business value to other companies and to provide them support in it.