Wednesday, July 04, 2012

What I like most about Norway?

What I like most about Norway?

Egalitarian social system.

Very nice people (most of the time).

High standard of living.

Alcohol policy... NOT! :) (I can't buy a bottle of wine after 15:00 on Saturdays and not at all on Sundays - I feel being treated a irresponsible kid by the society as whole, but, well, that's not the focus of this blog post) :)

There are even more things about Norway I like. But most of all - by far - I love the nature in this country. The fjords and mountains are so magnificent, the lakes so colourful. There are so many breathtaking views all around the country - and I have only seen a small bit of it.

Norway belongs to the TOP 3 countries for me in terms of the nature. All three are those I have lived in - Norway, Croatia and Kazakhstan. Norway has a great combination though. It is both not so much densely populated (there is a lot of untouched wild nature over here) and it has great infrastructure for hiking (marked paths, simple tourist accommodation, updated maps, safe roads etc).

My latest trip was to the area of Voss which is not too far away from Bergen - below are just some of the snapshots speaking for my love affair with the Norwegian nature (and the tiny lovely settlements around).