Sunday, December 04, 2011

Khan Academy - revolutionalising education...

...and making life-long learning truly possible.

Khan Academy is a private initiative of Salman Khan who used to work in financial sector but discovered that he can actually create some social value instead (this is his own words, not my judgement). :) Now, he and his team have created hundreds of educational videos on topics ranging from algebra and geometry to arts and history. Only the microphone and the virtual chalkboard are used for creating these videos. Each of them is about 10-20 minutes long, being a perfect duration to digest information, stop for a while, think and discuss - and watch the next video on the subsequent topic, if interested.

My wife and me have recently watched series of videos on biology, refreshing our long-forgotten knowledge from the high-school, as well as on money and banking. Khan Academy is an amazing way to spend the free time with your family - be it your partner or your kids.

I definitely agree with Salman Khan - videos are a powerful tool to acquire knowledge. I have, for instance, watched videos on YouTube and similar to learn some specific details of repairing bicycle or cooking. I also used video in my own course for students - and intend to use it even more.