Sunday, October 19, 2008

How rich are you?

I like intellectual challenges. I like especially the kinds that challenge your mental picture of the world and your own place in there.

And it is just excellent if such intellectual challenges are for a good reason.

We all have heard about highly unequal distribution of incomes in the world. But how comprehensive it really is?

And how rich every one of us really is?

How rich are you?

Well, you can find out your place in the Global Rich List.


Aigul said...


exactly. this website challenged me a lot today. with my mc salary i was so sorry for myself and now being 14% of the richest people in the world i am scared. really.

Lauri Lahi said...

Heh, I did exactly the same thing and put my mc salary there and came to similar conclusion.

Although would be nice to have a calculator that would take into account the consumer price index of the specific country as well. When it comes to amounts as MC members get.

Deniss Rutšeikov said...

Dear Aigul and Lauri!

I am one of the 0,00005% of people in the world who understand you so well - being part of something big and receiving something very small for that :) MC rocks!

Anyway, when it got financially hard for me sometimes, the very thought of the biggest share of the world population living much worse off than me was helpful. I just thought - "hey, do I really have reason to complain, while there are so many parents in the world who don't know if they will have anything to feed their children tomorrow with?"

I wish this kind of helpful positive thinking to all MC members around the world! :)

Assel said...


It's said I'm in the 54.28% or 3, 257, 142, 858 person in the world. But that doesn't make sense at all.

Deniss Rutšeikov said...

Hey Assel!

It actually makes sense. It means you are within 54,28% of the richest people in the world. Your number is more than 3 billion. Altogether there is about 6 billion people, so percentage is higher than half.

Btw, I don't think you are that poor :) You were supposed to state your ANNUAL income. Try it again ;)

Evca said...

You know what?! I love this sentence: Rich is not that one who owns the most but who lacks the least ;) your posts, Deniss :-*

Assel said...

i'm much richer- in my soul :)