Monday, November 06, 2006

When we feel like doing something good

"Kui mõnikord tekib tunne, et tahaks teha midagi head, siis kasuta neid hetki"
("When sometimes you get the feeling that you want to do something good, use these moments")

This is the slogan of Heateo Sihtasutus (Charities Foundation) [] - Estonian non-for-profit organisation that attracts me very much with its mission and the means it executes its mission. Majority of its workers are AIESEC alumni.

Today I had chance to be present in roundtable of Estonian organisations which are dealing with development of leaders. AIESEC is one of the founding organisations (along with JCI, Junior Achievement, Rotary and Invicta) of the roundtable that I personally have big hopes in.

We spoke about how to transmit good idea to the society. Good idea like need for development of leadership skills in people of all ages.

Founder and head of Heateo Sihtasutus, Artur Taevere, inspired me with his understanding of things, his passion and his determination. He is just about 26, but he managed to make his NGO to be one of the best-known in Estonia with just 3,5 years by simply doing something good for the others.

He told that in order to transmit good idea to the others, you need four things (simple and obvious, but they tend to be forgotten far too often):
1) Good idea is not enough, you have to have one leader, who will execute the idea and who will have good nerve not to "jump out of the train"
2) Idea (message) should surprise, should have ahhaaa moment inside.
3) Idea should be important or deal with inescapable problem
4) Idea has to have external supporters

I will try not to forget these four simple rules, when I will start to execure my own good ideas in the future.

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