Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Back from Slovakia, soon to Rotterdam

Along with Mr. Bush's Air Force No.1, there was another plane landing about the same time in Tallinn airport yesterday late evening. It was a plane, which carried me back to Estonia.

I came back from Slovakia, where I was chair at their national conference.

I was chair before, but it was the biggest conference for me as a chair. And it was excellent! It was successful conference, where people were actually crying in the closing plenary. It was emotionally very high event.

And I had opportunity to influence it all - imagine that you are actually able to influence the mood, the energy, the learning process of around 120 people at the same time! I am thankful for such an experience. I am also thankful for the great chance to work with excellent people from our facilitators's team that me and Zuzka, a conference manager, were leading.

Faci team of Autumn Conference 2006 in Slovakia

One of the best moments there was an election of new President of AIESEC in Slovakia. They had three candidates. Three people, who dared to stand out from the others and say loud, what they had to say to everyone.

The right person got elected. And I was so proud seeing all three of them going for that, making speeches, answering questions. Because I went through similar experience about 9-10 months ago.

In about 1,5 weeks am going to Rotterdam, where I will be one of 10 people from all around the globe, who are going to work along with AIESEC International in Global Steering Team. We will be discussing global strategies and global solutions for all our nearly 100 countries in the network.

That's kind of experience, which few people in my age can have. That's kind of experience AIESEC is offering to me.

That everything is cool, of course. AIESEC is really great.

But today I called to my parents, because they have their wedding anniversary today. After 7 minutes of speaking to my mother I just realized once again - there is nothing more important right now in my life than my parents for me. People who raised me as I am. People, whom I owe everything I have.


Andrej said...

You've been to SLOVAKIA, you bitch:-) I have to wait until Summer 2007! But, seriously, I'm happy you're having fun (that picture from a "conference" in a Slovak pub clearly shows it), especially after one of your recent posts (the tired and crying one).

New York is still amazing and all those theaters, concerts, and parties give me a cheap excuse why I haven't time to write e-mails. But I'll try to improve, I promise. Deniss, is there any AIESEC in the US? Find yourself a business trip or something. I really really would like to see you and I'm sure you'd enjoy NYC in the same way I do.

Grégory Quincampoix said...

Deniss, mon ami !

Hallo wie geht's dir? Ich habe gerade deine Mail bekommen und wollte eine Nachricht hier in deinem Blog hinterlassen... ich muss dir tausende Dinge erzählen... wir haben uns seit 4 Jahren nicht mehr gesehen aber du bist immer in meinem Kopf..du warst und bleibst ein echter Freund... und die sind keine leere Wörter.. ich will dich 2007 sehen!!

Dein Freund aus Brüssel, Grèg

Deniss Rutšeikov said...

Amazing! Two good friends from difefrent countries wrote me here. Two people, whom I like and respect a lot.

Guys, thank you for this present! :)

Gerg, mach dir keine Sorgen - 2007 wird unseres Jahr sein. Europa ist doch so klein! ;)