Tuesday, September 20, 2005

A word from beautiful Slovenia

It is my last evening in Slovenia, where I have got two friends, whom I met in Germany two and three years ago. It is a beautiful country! Although it is smaller than Estonia, it has everything from the mountains till the sea beaches.

I was very kindly hosted by my Slovenian female friends. I went to hike in the mountains (Velika Planina). I went to one of the most famous caves in Europe, which goes 100 meters deep under the surface and is 20 km long (Postonjska Jama). I saw the beautiful white horses from the race Lipica. I went to the gorgeous lake of Bled surrounded by mountains and having little island just in the middle with lovely church on it.

Apart of it I went to the night club in Ljubljana, had fun with Slovenian students in the dormitory and had fabulous dinners in the family of my friend.

More than happy! :)

Interesting that I found many similarities with Estonia. Slovenia is also a small country with population just about 2 millions (Estonia has 1,4 millions) - so Slovenes are also the part of the remarks from foreigners like "Ooo! Your whole country is smaller than my city!".

Slovenia is the most developed country in ex-Yugoslavia (it has the strongest economy among all Post-Communist countries in Eastern Europe) as much as Estonia is considered to be the most progressive ex-Soviet country. Mentality of the people is also similiar to the one in Estonia. Slovenia has national minorities from other ex-Yugoslav republics which could be compared to Estonian Russians (mentality, economic and societal position etc).

Picture of the rural areas differ significally from Estonia, being very similiar to Southern Germany: nice white houses with red flowers around.

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