Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Last days in Berlin

On the beach in the outskirts of Berlin...

Tomorrow is my last day in Berlin. Today I am working in my restaurant for the last time and having small party with my colleagues. Tomorrow I am going to organize a big farewelll-party for all the people whom I met here: AIESECars from Berlin, other trainees, some of my colleagues from both works.

One period of my life is ending. Another one is starting. I am going to Ljubljana (Slovenia) for some 4 days. I have one friend there whom I have not seen since 3 years. We met in Germany three years ago, spent very much time together and all that time kept in touch. Now I will see her again. After that I am going to Zagreb (Croatia), where one very dear person lives. I have not seen her more than one year. I wonder how it will be...

Afterwards I am heading to Split, where I am going to spend around 4 months of my life. I am going to work in local bureau of AIESEC. Split is considered to be a pearl of Mediterranean area.

Many things happened to me in Berlin, positive as well as some negative. But I gained many new experiences, I growed as a person, I feel myself even more comfortable in this world. Let's see what will I learn from my next period of the life.

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