Friday, September 02, 2005

Hard work in Berlin

I have not written here anything since a long time. The reason is that I am working as mad. In addition to my main traineeship from 9.00 till 17.30 I work about 3 evenings in a week in the restaurant in service (I need to earn money for my future trip to Slovenia and Croatia). I go there directly from the first work and stay there till 1 o'clock. It means that I come home by 2 o'clock.
And Deutsche Welle has been organizing two big events last and this weekends. That is one of the main reasons, why do they keep me here - to help by organizing them. The closer event, the more job to do.
But it is interesing experience, as now I truly understood, what does it mean to be really tired, exhausted, f***d up, whatever you call it. When you work 14 hours in a day, when you need one hour to go there and one hour to go back and you return home in the late night, there is no other word than "bed" turing around in your head. Your legs are hurting like a hell and your mind is completely switched off. Now I understand people in the third world countries, who work 12-14 hours doing physical job. I thought that it might be good, if all politicians, professors, managers etc would try to work like this for some few weeks at least. Then they would appreciate more physical labor of "ordinary" people.
By the way I understood, why Communism has been so popular in 20th century. Workers and peasant worked around 12 hours in a day in Russia before 1917. And they saw all those reach guys driving around with they horses, smoking siggars and taking rest in resorts. Of course, the feeling of being apart of the society rose in their heads. I must admit, I have been feeling kind of the same, when I have been returning home after being at two works and saw all those fancy Berlin young people in Cadillacs dressed in very expensive clothes. So, I could be potential participant in a revolution...
But also something about positive experience - I have been invited to be the chair of Reception Weekend in Berlin last weekend. For those who do not know - reception weekend is 3 days long AIESEC event, when trainees and aiesecars from other cities come to Berlin to discover the city and have fun. I have been providing fun for them and I suppose, I succeeded :) It was interesting experience for me anyway, as a reception weekend is different from AIESEC conference, which I have been chairing before. People work less, party more.
Ah yes, there was another guy with me as a chair as well - one Columbian, whom I like actually. The thing is that he came to the Saturday morning plenary 5 minutes after it has ended. Probably it was to hard for him to arrive in the Sunday morning plenary, because no-one saw him there anyway. :)
My boss in Deutsche Welle said that as I have been being nice and hard-working guy, I can finish my work here 3-4 days earlier than we agreed before. Probably I will go to Slovenia and Croatia a bit earlier also. So, my dream will come truth probably earlier ;)

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Anonymous said...

I love to see that you are making your dreams true! I always said that you will become a great man! I am just so said that you are STILLL so young :(

But I am trying not to get too old so fast, so maybe i get a chance with u ;)

When do u gonna finally leave cold developed countrys and come down here to visit me?