Tuesday, December 20, 2005

"Watch out who are you sleeping with"

The sentence in the title of this posting is the name of one song popular here in Balkan. It is energetic and nice song. I learnt it and have been extremely popular while singing it on Croatian National Conference of AIESEC last week :) One can see me on the picture while I am singing...

I recently got two letters from my mom. "Deniss, come home" - was the main point of boith of them, although she wrote about many other things as well, of course. I want to go home, but my Croatian dream is not over yet, thus I am staying, experiencing the warmest winter in my life... I will see the real snow and feel the real cold again in the end of January when I will be back to Estonia.


Veikko said...

Kas see pole mitte Pero:)

Deniss Rutsheikov said...

On kyll. Ma kahtlustan, et sama l6bus ja tore nagu ka siis kui sina temaga tuttavaks said. :)

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