Friday, December 23, 2005

Christmas and New Year's Eve on Balkan

Although sun is shining brightly here for the last 4-5 days and I don't need warm jacket outside, the Christmas feeling is here!

Tomorrow, on the Catholic/Protestant Christmas Eve I am going to the family of Ante, one team-mate of mine who was so glad to invite me to spend Christmas together with his family. It will be in Sinj, a small town 20-30 km away from Split. I am grateful to him, because otherwise I would spend Christmas alone in my dormitory room :)

It reminds me the situation of 2 years ago, when I was studying in Germany and also could not go home for Christmas due to lack of money. My course-mate Chris from UK invited me to his family in Germany. It was very nice experience then...

And I have great plan for the New Year's Eve! I am going to spend it together with the friend Jaan who is coming to visit me from Estonia. Since last year we have tradition with Jaan to spend New Year's Eve together somewhere abroad. Last year we were in Vilnius, Lithuania.

This year we are going to Serbia. AIESEC in Novi Sad (in Vojvodina which is North of Serbia) is organizing big party with around 300-400 people. We are also going through Belgrade and Sarajevo in Bosnia&Herzegovina. I met some few Serbs when I was intern in Berlin this summer. Also I know some cool AIESEC people from Serbia because of EuroCo, international conference, held in Split in October. I have never been to Serbia. So, it will be definetely fun! :)

I wish all of those who are reading my posting peaceful Christmas time and new year full of events, happenings, people around you and most important - full of fullfilment of your dreams!
And one more thing - just here in Croatia I discovered how sexy I am actually ;) Take a look on the picture. :)


Augusto said...

Denisssssssssssss... just found out of your blog!!.. Cool to read about you!!
Man... you are an example many should follow... seriously... aim high and keep rocking...
Augusto...the one who wrote the endorsement letter for you to get to Croatia ;)

Kadi said...

Tule juba koju. =)

Liia said...

Kallis Deniss!
Huvitavat, ilusat, õnnelikku ja edukat uut aastat Sulle!


Carry said...

Actually, to tell u the truth, those glasses make u look like one of those guys who go to SunDanceMusicFestival and I KNOW that u do not want to be looking like them. Besides, u don`t need those glasses - u`re girls` favourite anyways... =P