Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Impressions from Copenhagen and East England

I have recently had a chance to visit Copenhagen (Denmark) and three cities in the East England (Norwich, Cambridge and Hatfield).

Copenhagen: as the last time I was there, I was most impressed by how much of a paradise for cyclists this city is. Bicycles and cars co-exist very well. Thanks to the fact that so many people ride bicycles every day, there is less digestion, less noise pollution and less traffic jams in the city - a true win-win situation (also for the car drivers who get quicker to where they have to).

Copenhagen | CC Deniss R. Ojastu 2013
With its vast park areas, interesting modern architecture, appealing culture and well functioning business environment, Copenhagen is definitely one of the cities I could imagine myself living for a longer period.

Copenhagen | CC Deniss R. Ojastu 2013
East England: as could be expected from the UK, the weather was mostly cloudy with the light rain showers time-to-time. Nevertheless, it was great to visit three different smaller towns in the UK. Not a big fan of large cities like London, I was enjoying walking down the medieval streets of Norwich and Cambridge.

Norwich | CC Deniss R. Ojastu 2013
Extremely polite Englishmen, beautiful English language, centuries-old buildings of the University of Cambridge - as well as some interesting professional insights I've got from this trip - those are perhaps the highlights of my second visit to England.

Part of the main building of the University of Cambridge  | CC Deniss R. Ojastu 2013
Some day, I would like to visit more of the historical English towns - travelling around the country and staying in the different classical hotels like this time.

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