Friday, February 03, 2012

Swimming against the tide?

"You don't plan to stay in Norway? Really?"

That's a very usual reaction to me saying that I have not come to Norway to move here permanently and that my plan is to eventually go back to Estonia. I notice this kind of reaction (manifested verbally or by raising eyebrows) being expressed by both Norwegians, foreigners living in Norway and many in Estonia.

It seems so obvious, doesn't it? Norway is one of the wealthiest and most comfortable countries in the world to live in. Estonia is a relatively poor country of European Union, plagued by unemployment and other social problems. Who would want to exchange these two for the benefit of latter one?

Well, yes, Norway is an amazing country, superior to anything else I have experienced in many respects. But words like ties with my family and sense of responsibility towards my land, the ability to impact the development and to make a real difference are not just empty slogans for me. Perhaps, I am naive... but a certain degree of naivety can be helpful sometimes...


Anonymous said...

Deniss, even though it is fact that Norway enjoys one of the best living standard in the world, this doesn't mean that Estonia is "inferior" to Norway. Estonia has come from a long way since 1990 and few countries would have been capable of dong what Estonia has done these past twenty years. I'm looking forward to visiting your home country, but this time in summer :-)
Grèg, Brussels

Anonymous said...

admirable article - vice

Deniss Rutšeikov said...

Greg, I totally agree with you. The development has been tremendous - and still goes on. This is exactly what I find so unmatchable - possibility to live in midst of development and, moreover, to make own impact to it. I am quite sure you would find Estonia having positively changed since the time of your last visit too :)

Vice, good to know that :)

Olek said...

Deniss, we'll always keep our fingers crossed for you! :)

Olek and Anula

Deniss Rutšeikov said...

Thank you, Olek and Anula :)