Monday, May 17, 2010

Impressions from St.Gallen Symposium in Switzerland (vol.2)

The part of the St.Gallen Symposium in Switzerland in the beginning of May was a debate involving some successful intelligent people from different areas - academia, social entrepreneurship, corporate life, government. The topic of the debate was "Choose your Future" - addressing the young people across the world who were participating at the Symposium. To make this interesting debate available outside the scope of participants of the event, it was hosted, recorded and later broadcast by the BBC World Service Radio on 15th of May.

Some young participants were chosen to speak up their views based on their questions to the panellists. I happened to be one of them. I expressed my view that young people who have education and intelligence too often don't think of the responsibility that they bear - instead being egocentric and comfortable with the little bubble of consumerism and other learned desires they treat as important.

The whole programme is available on the BBC website. My contribution to the debate is from around 41:15 till 43:00 and, again, from 45:30 till 46:45.

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