Saturday, April 17, 2010

Nature vs. Civilization - 1:0

People around the world (at least in the territories that call themselves "civilized" world like Europe) are used to be in a driver's seat. We are used to be able to govern what is happening around us. You want to go on holiday? No problem - you book the ticket in the Internet, pay for it with your credit card, take a place - and you're there.

Not this time, however. I am one of those thousands unlucky ones who couldn't take off from or land to many airports across Northern and Central Europe due to eruption of the volcano in Iceland and subsequent spread of the ash from it. My flight from Oslo to Turkey could not happen today. My 1-week holiday has been cancelled and with it - a certain shared joy that I have been waiting for.

However, I have been surprisingly calm about it. After all, people are spoiled with the false belief that they can control everything. The Mother Nature is mightier than us and I - as a big admirer of the Nature on our planet - feel just humble about it.

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Anonymous said...

I thought exactly about the same thing:)