Thursday, May 14, 2009

I am looking for an intern

When I was an active member of AIESEC, I set a goal for myself that in some year, instead of offering interns from abroad to the companies, I would take one. It is happening earlier than I expected :)

Indeed, we have decided in the company I work in (CyberWatcher) that an AIESEC intern would be helpful in executing our current strategy of conquering the markets of Central and Eastern Europe. I am assigned as a project manager for this. So, the code for the internship (all people who have gone through AIESEC experience know what does it mean) is TN-IN-NO-MC-2009-1302.

Looking forward for having AIESEC intern working with me!


Inna Kostyuk said...

Alisa Logofatu and myself have just red recently your post! we're so impresed and proud of you!
Guys, we can confirm, it's a pleasure to work with Deniss, don't miss that opportunity ;)

Greetings from Paris

Nailya said...

it's really cool! Sure you'll have the best intern ever!
we gotta talk sometime:) really miss you and jealous to Aika:)))

Anonymous said...

Cool Deniss :)

My company here also looks for 2 more interns after my fabolous performance :D
Actually there was an Australian guy also involved...

Deniss Rutšeikov said...

Dear friends,

Thank you for good supportive words. I'm also excited about this occasion - it's great to be able to connect my AIESEC past with the business realities.

And I am glad to contribute to activities of AIESEC in this way as a humble return for everything that organisation has given to me.

Antonio Jovanovski said...

Having AIESEC trainee is great! :)

Martina was also interested in the internship when she saw it! :)

I am glad to see that you are doing good, my friend..

My best from NL,