Sunday, April 22, 2007

We know how to have fun - my team's crazy hair party!


There is a plenty of things we don't know how to do in our team.

But if there is one, which unites all of us, it is that we know how to have fun! :)

We proved it last Friday night, when we hosted "MC Crazy Hair Party". The dress code of the party was simple - crazy hair :) Ms. Pärn and Ms. Toms made crazy haircuts for themselves, for MC boys and for some more aiesecers, who cam to us.

Results was astonishing, as it can be seen on some of the pictures. :)

Mr. Säinas and Mr. Rutšeikov meanwhile spent many hours on preparing glourious session called "How to fail miserably or in other words how to be a loser?".

We had plenary time, we had group work and some elements of competition.

And in the end - the old Chinese wisdom about how to be a true looser found and translated by Mr. Säinas and Mr. Rutšeikov:

How to be a true looser?

- Be a bitch.

- Kill small animals - don't care about anything.

- Tell others that they look ugly. Constantly.

- Speak about yourself. A lot.

- Take a lot of responsibilities and never finish them. Never.

- If you go out with your girlfriend, pretend that you forgot your wallet.

- Stink.

- Laugh at people. Especially when they fall down.


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Carry said...

I especially enjoyed that part with the wallet =)
Keep up the good work, team!