Wednesday, May 24, 2006

What do I want from the year 2006/2007?

In AIESEC, as in university, the year starts in June-July. And ends in May-June.

So, my new year is starting. It is reasonable to have some thoughts about it.

I had time for that during AIESEC Estonia' executive boards transition week (MC transition), where old team delivered their knowledge to me and my team.

So, what do I expect from the year 2006/2007?
  • Very intensive life, full of different new experiences EVERY day
  • A lot of international co-operation and communication
  • Very intsensive team experience in AIESEC which will challenge my leadership skills
  • Consistent and intensive personal development through activities I do
  • Several personal, team and national successes both in AIESEC and outside
  • Most important - a lot of small happy moments, a lot of laugh and smiles for me and people who surround me

What are my personal goals for the upcoming year?

  • Be successful leader of organization by fulfilling all professional goals I have put for myself
  • Be successful trainer in European Youth by making many young people think more about what and why they do something in their lives
  • Have time for non-work and non-studies related reading
  • Have enough quality time for my family and my friends (both in Estonia and abroad)
  • Decide about my academic route and continue it by doing meaningful things
  • Constantly do sports
  • Significantly change way of thinking of as many people as I can resulting in "Thank you, Deniss"
  • Despite anything, always have peace in my mind and enjoy the life
  • Elaborate better ways to bring out and use positive energy of people
  • Have clear picture and goals for the next upcoming year

Will see, whether I will achieve these goals :) At least I will try hard.

Besides, there are some few other interesting things I would like to bring out here. It will be interesting to read them after, let's say 1, 2, 3 years and compare. During my reflection process I came up with following:

10 things which make me feel good

  • Achievement of the goal
  • Smile of another person thanks to me
  • Bicycle ride / jogging in the nature / swimming
  • Good tasy food :)
  • Positive feedback from a person whose opinion I care about
  • Feeling that I learnt something new and discovered new side of life
  • Hiking / being in the nature / going to the mountains
  • Waking up with a dear person
  • A-ha!- or wow!-effect, when I am reading good book or watching good movie
  • Sight or knowledge of people doing something good and beautiful

Somehow I believe that majority of these things are universal for evryone. But sometimes it is good to remind yourself about them.

And now, of course - 10 things which annoy me

  • Narrow-mindedness
  • Throwing garbage in the open spaces / nature
  • Bitching about other people behind their backs
  • Expressions of nationalism / chauvinism
  • Cruelty of people
  • Stressed and process-oriented people
  • Situations when people don't count with the others
  • Overly drunk women
  • Stupid TV shows, movies and articles in magazines, moreover - their popularity
  • People who let the others down by lying

Funny that all things which annoy me, are related to the people. Humankind is evil? No, but there is a lot of stupidity inside it which results in evil...


ivi said...

Hey there!

As I always accidentally run into you in AIESEC conferences (I think ITC was most recent), now totally accidentaly popped into your blog:) Your plans seem amazing, good luck in achieving them!

Vija, from Lithuania in the Belgian MC;)

Deniss Rutsheikov said...

Thank you, Vija! :)

Chris said...

Hey Deniss! I think your expectations are realistic but you're gonna hafta work hard to achieve them. I know you're up to it;)