Tuesday, March 14, 2006

At least 1,5 years in Estonia

I have returned from my long journey which took more than 7 months.
What I am doing in Estonia? I applied and eventually got selected as President of AIESEC in Estonia for the period 2006-2007. My term is starting in June.
Why? There are many reasons. But mainly - I want to lead one of the most successful youth organization in Estonia and be part of the global team of one of the most successful youth organizations in the world. I feel that it will give me so much insight about working in the teams, about leadership, about organizational structure, about realizing which people I want to develop my career future with, about communication rules between people, between organizations and between countries. I feel that leading an organization of around 60-70 active young people will give so great platform to develop myself and help to develop the others.
What besides that? Some work, maybe continuing with the studies. I will see. Currently I am building up my life in Estonia again. It is not so easy after 7-8 mponths abroad. But if you really want to, nothing stops you in realizing your dreams.
And after returning home I have realized - "Eestis on ikkagi pagana hea elada!" :) (direct translation from Estonian - "All in all, it is damn good to live in Estonia!")
Still, the time in Berlin and especially in Croatia has been something very very unique for me. Especially all these people there...
Most probably I won't update this blog too often. But once in 2-4 weeks I will write something. Something like milestones in my life - what has happened, what job I have started with, whom did I marry etc


Andrej said...

Oh, that sounds scary:o)))

Carry said...

May I set up my candidature? =P

Siiri said...

; - ] mina ka :-D